John Brown -

 Magdy was amazing. Her energy and power were very calming from the moment I walked in. She is a healer and her touch was healing. She provided an amazing 1 hr Reiki sessions where I felt relaxed, at peace and connected. She has a gift that I Hope I get to experience again in the near future. 

Julie Dickerson -

This was my first experience with Reiki and it was absolutely amazing! She is so kind and intuitive. I will definitely be back. I've been telling everyone to go see her! If that wasn't enough, she also introduced me to crystals and so patiently explained their power and use to me. Magdy is kind, talented and has a heart for healing. Go see her! You won't be disappointed. 

Morgan Evans -

 Magdy is a truly gifted healer. I saw her for several sessions while in Kauai on a journey to find healing and growth. She made me feel safe and immediately disarmed my fears. Our first session was reki. She quickly knew exactly the areas I need help releasing years of damage. She guided me so kindly, while also helping me push through and peal away some big barriers. The session was so beneficial I booked another session for a sound healing. I can't say enough great things about the sound healing!!! The positive energy was palpable. I felt my pain and blocks crumble away as she rang the bowls and shared her gift to help me. Working with Magdy is one of the most beautiful, positive and powerful experiences of my life. She has helped me gain self awareness and confidence as well as providing insight that is helping me grow and excel. If that wasn't enough, she also introduced me to crystals and so patiently explained their power and use to me. Magdy is kind, talented and has a heart for healing. Go see her! You won't be disappointed

Renee Stamand -

 Magdy changed my life. We first did a chakra balancing, I could feel the emotional baggage leaving my body like "ghost" going through me. I had really bad shoulder pain and when she tested to see how much energy was there, to find out there was none, she put her hands on my shoulder and I could feel the energy flowing through my shoulder, it was like nothing I had felt before. The next day we did a sound healing and it was by far the MOST AMAZING thing I have ever experienced!! At one point this  "ghost" came out of me and hit the wall and turned her tablet off. ( It was playing soothing music) during the total session I could feeling these "ghost" flowing out of my body and at point I even felt like I was going to fall backwards off the bed because I was being pulled so hard by the energy. ( I wasn't going to but was an amazing feeling) I can't possibly say enough good things about Magdy. I will never forget her, she has done so much for me and I am so incredibly grateful for her, and not only are her healing powers amazing but so are the stones she has and the most beautiful dream catchers that she makes too. I just love her space and how comfortable I felt there and with her    She even did a card reading for me and it made me happy cry. I am now looking forward to seeing how it will happen. 

Alison Walker -

 I came to Kauai suffering from some serious heart break and lots of life. I had thought I would love to try Reiki but was a little nervous especially in a new place. In the weird way that the universe works its magic... Magdy and I found each other on instagram and I saw she was a reiki healer. I text her and setting up an appointment was easy. Her space is so cute and welcoming. She is an absolute dream. All her stones and dream catchers sing with good vibes.

My first reiki session was comfortable but also pushed my limits. I was really open to healing. Magdy is so gentle and intuitive. She helped me see parts of myself that I didn't even know needed healing. Our session went so well that I booked another 30 min session before I left.

I bought stones from her, a dream catcher that lives over my bed and I plan on working with her for long distance healing in the future.

I am so grateful and feel so lucky to have stumbled upon such a wonderful store and person! 

Dr. Nekeshia Hammond -

Had my first "sound healing" session today...my therapist, Magdy Ann (loved her!) used Tibetan Singing Bowls to help align chakras and enhance the mind/body connection -- wonderful experience and would highly recommend  

Bhavana Chawla -

 Magdy is a gifted healer. I felt warm sensations during my session & had a beautiful vision. She told me she also saw the same vision. I am feeling more relaxed & balanced that I have in a while thanks to her expert reiki! She is very kind & enthusiastic about helping people. I highly recommend Kauai Spiritual Healing for anyone seeking help with a health issue and/or for an attunement of peace and good vibes! 

Opinder Deol -

 Magdy has a very warm and loving presence..during my session I felt completely held, and noticed a significant shift through the session. Also I love the beautifully wrapped selenite crystal necklace I purchased. Mahalo magdy for all your genuine love and care!